Sunday, July 29


I went to the store.

Oh, my WORD, did I go to the store!!!

I went to the store to get multicolored gel pens and Crayola Multicultural markers. Can you tell that colors and options are a thing with me??

The store I went to was Target.

(Now some of you know why I'm writing this...)

As I perused the Dollar Spot innocently, I was overcome with back-to-school happiness. I bought stress-koosh-gel-ball-thingies for my classroom Safe Place, I bought dry erase slate boards to practice letters and numbers on, I bought a lesson plan book for a just a buck (!!!), and I bought a nonfiction book with great photos of amphibians and such.

*this is all I bought on my classroom budget card, don't worry*

My heart rose and went into palpitations as I stood in front of the pens. So many choices! There were less gel pens than I would have liked, and they were clicky. I don't really like clicky pens. The Bic pens now came in a multicolor pack with TWO shades of green, purple, pink, etc. Can I pass up TWO shades of green?? It was about this moment that I realized how anal retentive I am about office supplies. I LOVE office supplies, but I'm very exacting in my expectations of them.

I managed to avoid buying the little multicolored cards that were already on rings (perfect for sight words, but I already have the stuff to make sight word rings by hand).

As I rounded the corner of the aisle, I was greeted with the lunch boxes. There were so many wonderful lunchboxes of different types. My heart fell as I realized that there is no possible way that I can justify buying a lunchbox this year, no matter how cute the astrobright owls are. It was exactly this moment when I remembered that I am a TEACHERGEEK.

Trust me, I love my vacations, and I know how to rest. But about this time of year, fuhgeddaboutit. I love setting up a classroom, planning my long-term plans, deciding on projects for the first few weeks of class...

The pièce de résistance came as I saw It. The Lamp. You see, I'm not the hugest fan of flourescent lights in learning environments, or anyplace else humans are, for that matter. Because of this, I usually have at least one if not several alternate light sources in my classroom.

This Lamp... this Lamp is green. This Lamp is beautiful. This Lamp has a pattern of flowers and plants embossed on it. This Lamp has the power to bring me to terms with the shade of green that my classroom was painted that I, um... was slow to appreciate. Not only did I find THIS Lamp, I found a coordinating lampshade that is off-white with green trim that will go on the other lamp I already got for the room.

My heart soared. I literally felt in love during my time at Target (and as I write this). I know, I KNOW I am a teachergeek. I know I will always be this way. My Granny Goo was a teacher, is 96 years old, and still likes to decorate seasonally the way teachers do.

It is embarrassing to be in love with lamps and pens and books of amphibians.

But I am grateful that I love. I am grateful that I have work to do that I love. Of everyone, I am grateful.

I am the teachergeek.

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  1. Nyleen you are awesome! As I read through your description of the all the awesome school supplies, I realized I might be a teachergeek wannabe. Every year, I struggle to not buy one of everything. :) Our current school list requirements are sad and boring - glue sticks and pencils. Boo! Bring on the gel pens! I may have to go look for those two shades of green. I'm currently stuck on my multi-colored packs of Uni-Ball pens. The kids you teach are SUPER lucky!


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