Saturday, December 31

2016's (mostly) Unmixed Blessings

Appreciations for the year 2016, a hard year for all: 

Most importantly, this year brought me a delightful new uncle, my Uncle Steve. My Aunt Kayla and he surprised us with their elopement in May. Steve is a kind, insightful, well-spoken man who is a weather and history buff; he's fascinating! My Kayla is happy, and safe, and warm... I am glad, and our family is blessed to have Steve in it!

I was scholarshipped by a wonderful lady to go to Fundamental Learning Center's Introduction to Reading Specialist course, and *finally* learned how to teach ALL kids to read! I have been so excited and also quite challenged as I have implemented Alphabetic Phonics curriculum for two different groups. I am continually humbled by my dyslexic students, their humor, bravery, and willingness to try again and again. My enthusiasm grows as I continue the journey to give others what I have been given. I hope to become a reading specialist NINJA! 

Oh, the entertainers who have died... I have seen graphs on celebrity deaths; apparently, 2016 is not that much of a "killing" year, not more than any other (And not more than 2013! Oh, the mayhem!). But this year, the performers who have died fall squarely in MY little set of fandoms. Alan Rickman, Carrie Fisher, David Bowie, Nancy Regan, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Florence Henderson, George Michael, Garry Marshall... Geez, louise. So many. I thought these people were just empty husks, that they were mere voice boxes, intoning the creative winds. But my sadness has been palpable. I have been truly entertained, truly inspired. They DID give me a gift, enriched my life. I am now grateful for them, and will miss them. Memory eternal. 

Note to self: Read more of the authors who passed this year. Elie Wiesel, Umberto Eco, Harper Lee. In some ways, the creatives of this world, they live on. 

I release 2016 with love and sadness. I will welcome 2017 with fresh-peeled eyes to see new things, experience new richness, and live in peace. 

Comfort and joy to you. 

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