Thursday, February 16

Quilted Kittens

Disclaimer: This is not a deep blog entry. At all.

Last night, I had a crazy nightmare...

I dreamt that I found two stray kittens that were really odd-looking. Their skin had been taken off, and swatches of cloth had been put on instead. They looked like kitten-shaped quilts, but they had their regular furry faces and tails. One of them had vinyl sewn around his middle, and I thought, "That can't be comfortable at all!!" However, they did not seem to be in pain.

I was outraged. Who had taken the skin off of kittens to give them quilt bodies?!?! This is something that a Nazi would do to a cat!

Absolutely incensed, I took them to a vet (not my own) to get them checked out, make sure they were not bleeding internally or anything. The vet took one look at them and said, "These are designer cats!! It looks like whoever did the quilting did really good work on them. You should be THANKFUL to get such expensive cats for free... they cost a fortune!!!"

Apparently, my subconscious is ready to go really bohemian and stick with regular 'ol cats. Down with ostentatious materialism and creature comforts... literally!!!

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