Sunday, June 13

I know a girl, a girl named Party...

I went over to my Granny Goo’s house tonight and taught her how to play Uno. As always, I think I am going to keep her company and entertain her… She always ends up entertaining ME and being just the kind of company I need.

While we were at dinner, and she was telling me about some of her forays into the social world of her new assisted living ‘digs.’ Her tablemates that she is assigned to eat with daily aren’t so social. This drives Granny Goo crazy, because she is a GREAT conversationalist.

There was a reception recently that she went to; a celebration of the institution’s 10th anniversary. Her tablemate asked her to knock on the door when it was time to go because she has no clocks in her apartment. (I know; Granny Goo couldn’t imagine that either…) Granny Goo knocked on the door; the tablemate had forgotten all about it. The tablemate announced that she had to brush her hair; Granny Goo tooled on down the hallway to the party.

In reflecting upon it, Granny Goo said, “I think that she wanted me to sit with her [and be a wallflower]. But I wanted to see who was there and talk to everybody. I wanted to PARTY!!” :-)

The woman cracks me up!! God grant that you and I be able to be party animals to this degree when we are 94…

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  1. Oh how I love hearing about Granny Goo. I think it's because I relate Grannt Goo to my Grandparents. Though they weren't quite in their 90's, they were still up there...both being in their 80's when they died. And they too loved to party like Granny!

    Cherish, cherish, cherish your time with Granny Goo. Oh how I miss my Grandparents..

    Hugs to you friend!


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