Thursday, February 25

Kaleidoscope Day

The last 24 hours have been such a gift!!

About midnight last night, I was farting around on fb, and I got a message from a dear old friend who lives out of town. “Do you want to grab an early breakfast??” SURE! Not only is she a dear friend, she is a PA who spent the last two weeks at a hospital in Haiti, caring for the injured of body, mind, heart… Not only is she a PA with an odd definition of the word “vacation,” she and her husband were in the process of adopting from Haiti when the quake hit. Happily, those kiddos have entered the country under ‘humanitarian parole,’ and the paperwork will be finished on the adoptions soon. My friend’s name is Amy, and she was fresh off of the plane...

Circumstances in life can flip easily, and the whole picture shifts, like a kaleidoscope. My last two weeks has been like that. I am observing Lent this year; and although I’ve given up things before, this is the first time I have done so in the company of a church that is also observing. *flip!* My heart finally and truly settles a question between good and best in my life. *flip!* I experience a sad anniversary, and realize how long ago a year was. *flip!* My laughing, sleep deprived, clear-of-heart-and-vision Amy climbs off a plane, eats breakfast with me, and speaks to my class. *flip!flip!flip!*

If I had been writing a month ago, I would have put this question out: How much do you MAKE your own life, and how much do you RECEIVE it as a grace and gift from Another?

The question the last two weeks (especially today) has been: What is a good trade for your life? My Amy has decided to trade her life for a small, yet important piece of the world; her children: Chinese, Haitian and American.

Because of my recent kaleidoscope flips, my life has not felt so open for years.

I hope I make a good trade.


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